Events Gone Local & Green


The ideas and practices of “going green” have been dominating businesses in the new millennium; furthermore, we have found that the events industry is no different. More and more planners, couples and vendors are looking for ways to be more ‘green’. We have a few ideas that one can simply implement into your event to better provide these environmental and recycling practices!

Community Involvement and Décor Details

First and foremost, suggestions include wedding and meeting planners contacting local farmers markets and gardens to utilize their products on many levels. Stationery Stores, Florists, Bakeries, etc. are great options to keep business at a local level. Grand Rapids is a city teaming with local talent, ready to provide details for your wedding or special event. An additional popular option that can be given as gifts, or placed as centerpieces for your event, is providing and planting seeds, for all to enjoy as a memorable accompaniment of any particular event. Another option is to provide removable containers for your guests to take floral centerpieces with them at the end of the evening. Floral is so utterly stunning and can last at least a few more days for guests to have sweet little reminders of your special day.

Recyclable Practices

Anytime that you can avoid using paper is a very beneficial way to promote green practices. A prevalent request of many brides and hosts of venues desire invitations to be printed on recycled paper. Some invitations may even incorporate seeds, which can be planted for future use and remembrance of that particular event! Sharing photos by creating hash tags on social media sites, and albums on Facebook also reduces paper and the need to print, but promotes an everlasting sustainable element of shared experiences, accessible at all times.

The Ballroom’s Green Thinking

The Ballroom at McKay has taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint, as well! By using our own glassware, renting linens to be repurposed and reused, and installing LED light fixtures are among a few items to be included in our green belt. Options for green catering choice would be wooden or Bamboo cocktail picks, plates, flat ware, etc. This is a very simple way for passed or stationed appetizers to be presented.

Every little component makes an impact, from wearing a reusable gown or previously worn gown, to hosting a business event that selects a venue within walking distance to hotels and transportation. The Ballroom At McKay is a prime location to host your trendy green occasion! This eco-friendly occasion may comprise of natural, sustainable essentials that can promote environmental practices for you and your attendees yet be fashionable simultaneously.