Winter Event Inspiration

As temperatures plummet and the radio pours out our favorite Christmas tunes, images of glittery, festive décor dance in our heads. Winter bliss may be anything from the first white snowfall to the aroma of freshly baked cookies in your home. The season of winter brings about celebrations of merriment with family and friends, along with several winter events. But what better way to enjoy the comfort of your favorite foods and the cheerfulness of the wintertime season than having an event that will make everyone merry? We can think of a few significant ways to better plan your ideal winter event here at the Ballroom at McKay.


When we are planning the décor of a winter themed event in general, we think warm and lush details. Perhaps we have glitter-dipped pears as sparkling centerpieces, or gleaming ornament spheres encompassing fragrant candles amongst tabletops, with tinsel and snowflakes garlands dangling from columns. Winter events décor can be as elaborate or simplistic as you truly wish.

Theme/ Style

As festive décor dances in our heads, we contemplate how we can arrange our scheme to coordinate with a wintry theme. During the cold-weather season, a delightful notion for a celebration may be a “Warm-Up Party”. This party consists of “warming-up” your guests from the winter chill by serving warm foods and beverages.  Including hot soups, warm biscuits, spicy brews and hot fudge desserts for a few examples. In addition to this particular theme, having a hot cocoa bar may be the perfect touch. With the hot cocoa bar your guests will consume and be merry with a variety from shaved chocolate, peppermint pieces, toffee bits to whipped cream.

Another idea for a winter themed event is to have a classic Winter Wonderland Party. Simplistic details contain color schemes of light blues and whites. Style your set-up with snow cotton, tall Birch tree branch decorations, and glittered lavish décor throughout. White foods are also essential to play in with the theme, such as powdered doughnuts, marshmallows, white-hot chocolate and more. Surround the atmosphere with decorative snowflakes and enjoy the pure beauty of the wonderland of winter, without feeling the freezing cold.


With Christmas around the corner you may be starting to plan a festivity. Some   themes to consider for your ultimate yet unforgettable celebration might comprise of an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, a Christmas Carol Karaoke night, or even a Christmas Cast-off Gift Exchange, just to name a few. Whether you plan to dress cozy and ugly, belt some traditional Christmas melodies or swap entertaining gifts with those you love, celebrating the “Happiest time of the year” is hard to go wrong.


On December 31st the nation will be celebrating and bringing in the annual New Year. You may want to consider a New Year’s theme party with your friends and family. Perhaps host a “Dress Like Your Resolution” New Year’s party where everyone can express their resolution loud and clear in costume! If you want to loose weight in the next year, then dress up for a fun play on exercise in an 80s workout ensemble. Another amusing celebration may be to host a “Tick, Tock and Ya Don’t Stop” clock theme party. Since New Year’s Eve is the only holiday where time is an important factor, incorporate the countdown to the New Year in your theme and all the details for the party. Style your space with vintage clocks as your centerpieces or cluster them around the room. Finally, clock cupcakes may just be the perfect snack to savor the last of the year.