Where it All Began

In 1915, the City of Grand Rapids welcomed the new construction of a two-story, richly textured building that would quickly earn its name as a historic landmark. The building soon became the home of the Grand Rapids National Bank. It wasn’t until the 1940s that the tower grew, earning its title as the tallest building between Detroit and Chicago. Two years later, Frank D. McKay purchased the building and immediately renamed it after himself.

It wasn’t until 2012, when Steadfast Property Holdings LLC purchased the building that renovations of the original design began. These renovations included an updated lobby, the remodeling of luxury apartments on the fifteenth floor, and of course the revitalization of the former Grand Rapids National Bank location on the second floor. What was once a beautiful and spacious Downtown business staple would soon become a bright, refreshed venue that is The Ballroom.

Renovations began with the intention of creating a fresh, new venue and yet preserving the historical integrity of the building’s rich history. The vast marble columns and accents were to be preserved, and replaced only if truly necessary. Minimal replacements occurred and The Ballroom remained very much a revived component of its former self. New carpets, window treatments, sound paneling, lighting designs, a full kitchen and sound systems are just a few elements that would be incorporated into the renovations. The Ballroom’s renovations were truly state of the art and a token of teamwork.

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