The Construction of the Ballroom

Steadfast Property Holdings, LLC, in the fall of 2012, purchased the Ballroom at McKay and construction began soon after to initiate the transformation of the space. What was once a historical, landmark bank would soon become a reinvented Ballroom. The intent of preserving the structural integrity of the marble was of utmost importance, however advancing the overall capabilities of the ballroom was significant. In order to provide a unique and ideal space, The Ballroom would have to be one of a kind in both look and feel, as well as in technological capabilities.

The reformatting of the floor plan would be the first order of operations.  A small, second-level alcove would be removed in efforts of opening up the ballroom’s floor space, as well as a fully operational and commercial kitchen would be added to assist in the preferred caterers needs. A state-of-the-art sound system would accompany new sound panels to create the perfect sound for anything from conference speeches, to the high-volume of a wedding reception. The Ballroom began to quickly transform from its previous façade.

Incredible detail was observed when selecting everything from wallpapers, carpets, and paint colors, to chandeliers, molding and marble refreshment – no element would be overlooked as the reinvention of the space continued. Every aspect of the development was truly coming together and the Ballroom began to take shape. Custom bar pieces were designed and delivered and final touches were implemented to best define the space. The Grand Opening Party was quickly drawing near and final polishing would begin to uplift the Ballroom’s new status.

The marble that remained in the Ballroom would be buffed and extensively cleaned to bring new life in each piece. High-tech lighting was installed and perfected to offer customers a variety of lighting options to best suit their event’s vibe. Even the Ballroom’s original vault would be polished and kept open for guests to marvel at the craftsmanship of its creation, and the history it carried for the Tower. The Grand Opening came and visitors from all over attended to celebrate the reinvention of Grand Rapids staple.

Construction continues, as each of the four original elevators is being replaced. All final replacements will provide our Summer 2014 and beyond clients with new, streamlined elevators. Each improvement to the Ballroom at McKay is an honor to be preserving a beautiful space with a rich history and a bright future.