The Caterers: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel


Last but deliciously not lease; ending our short series on our Preferred Caterers is The Amway Grand Plaza Catering. Built in 1913 and located just around the corner from The Ballroom, The Amway Grand Plaza has shared a historic spot in the downtown Grand Rapids area. The service of the staff and quality of their catering is not one to be missed! Continue reading to learn more about our final, fabulous caterer!

What is most important to you as a caterer?

The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel has always prided itself with impeccable service and product.  We carry this mission to all of our events within the Hotel and outside the Hotel.  With that said, the most important goal we have as a company to ensure that our guests are happy and receive an even better experience than they expected.

Do your dishes and recipes vary per season, and if yes, how so?

It certainly can.  We encourage our guests to work with us on customizing their menus to allow for uniqueness and the freshest of ingredients.  Our most popular dishes listed on our menus are handled by our award-winning culinary staff with utmost care in selecting the freshest ingredients and it’s presentation.

What would you say is your best: Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert?

We couldn’t just pick one.  Based on both personal and professional experiences with our food items, they are truly works of art.  Each food category excels, but not more than the other.  We have guests who are not sweet lovers, yet, fall in love with our cakes and desserts.  Then we have guests who are skeptical with banquet food, yet they have expressed how wonderful the food has been and how it exceeded all of their expectations.

What is your most popular selection for:

Corporate Events: Herb Roasted French-Cut Chicken with our own Hotel Kitchen® Cherry Chutney.

Weddings: Filet of Beef and French-Cut Chicken as a duo plate.

What is your best advice for couples planning their wedding menus?

Customizing your menus doesn’t mean to completely veer off the menu items listed.  It could be as simple as a sauce substitution or even presentation.  Our Chefs love to be creative and that’s really important.

Do you find that most Corporate Events request heavy appetizers, entrees or both?

Most of our corporate events decide on a full 3-course dinner with lighter appetizers and beverage service.

Could you describe a situation where one of your entrees has been significantly altered for a client:

Because the Amway performs so many custom menus, there hasn’t really been one group or one entrée that we completely changed from its original state.  Most of the time, if the client asks for suggestions for other items that are not listed, the Amway puts together items based on if the client wants two entrees versus one, then we build on that. 





 Photos courtesy of The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel