Simply Spring Centerpieces


For weddings, centerpieces are essential. They establish the wedding theme for the reception part of the venue. Since centerpieces are the focal point of a room, it is necessary that you choose the ideal piece to set the perfect tone for your big day. All while keeping in mind that it should be as equally elegant as the event. Your wedding centerpieces may be the center of your guests’ consideration as they take in every detail that came out of your precise planning.

Spring is right around the corner and with every new season comes a new inspiration for your wedding theme. When dreaming of the days filled with sunshine and the bountiful flowers finally blossoming, the inspiration of color palettes and tablescape centerpieces may incorporate soft creams, blush pinks, minty greens and perhaps even some warm coral tones.

The current trend for spring centerpieces includes pastel flower palettes. This palette is the perfect subtle spring theme. Pastel colors included in your flower bouquets are mint, blush, powder blue, pale pink, light yellow, peach and lavender. While these pale, understated pieces make for a beautiful focal point of the table, bright colors are making a comeback. Weddings are white… weddings are cream and pale pink. A bright pop of color is just what some of these – dare I say – bland weddings need! Bright yellows, hot pinks and rich, brilliant purples and blues serve as the perfect addition to a neutral color scheme.

You may be pondering what types of flowers are in this coming spring season to integrate with these palettes. Hydrangeas, peonies, baby’s breath, and lilies are all excellent choices for centerpieces, as they exemplify the beauty, the freshness and the elegance of springtime. Spring is the time when everything is coming into blossom, and beauty can be found just outside your doorstep. Bring this beauty inside for your guests’ viewing pleasure! With the tower marble and vastly elegant space, the Ballroom is the perfect backdrop to Springtime floral selection.


Floral: Flowers by Marla Courtney Wood, Photography: Jen Kroll Photography, Planner: A Day in May, Event Planning and Design


Floral: Field of Flowers Farm, Photography: Jen Kroll Photography, Planner: A Day in May, Event Planning and Design

spring group

Floral: Field of Flowers Farm, Photography: Left: Jen Kroll Photography, Right: Jeremy Harwell Photography,
Planner: A Day in May, Event Planning and Design