Shedding Light

Subsequent to the multitude of hours spent planning and designing the perfect event scheme; you want something to show off your team’s diligent work. One of the more significant yet complex elements that captures the beauty of an event is creating an efficient lighting system. Lighting has the capability of advancing depth and ambiance to a room that can ultimately establish the desired mood and atmosphere for an entire event.

The Ballroom at McKay has the perfect lighting system that adds a luxurious and magical touch to your venue. Constantly amusing your guests with the strategic placement of the lighting, it exquisitely highlights the precise features and décor of the Ballroom. An example of an important element of your décor you may want to include in your lighting arrangement is of the tablescape.

Whether it is the centerpieces, menus, napkins or place settings, all have unique attributes that require the perfect ample lighting to display the tablescape as a whole. It is essential for the photographers to have sufficient lighting of the tables to get the most beautiful complete shot. Lighting’s overall impact on your venue enhances the look of your event and can also emphasize other main focal points such as the dance floor and head table.

Unique concepts using the Ballroom’s lighting equipment can transform the space into perfected elegance. In addition to the unforgettable lighting of your venue, the Ballroom at McKay will be certain to set the mood, deliver ambiance and attract your guests to the unique elements and details of your overall picturesque event design.




In closing, here are a few reasons why lighting can be so important to your event!

  • You can include more than one color, creating colorful and vibrant photography and videography
  • It can turn a beige/neutral colored room into a spectacular and beautifully lit one
  • It can give your venue space a more sophisticated look
  • Sets the preferred mood and atmosphere of your event