Gatsby Glam

On May 10, 2013 the literary classic novel, The Great Gatsby, hit theaters to the much-anticipating audiences all around the nation. Since then, the timeless tale by F. Scott Fitzgerald has impacted fashion icons worldwide. Once in a while, we see clothing catapult off the silver screen, landing precisely in our closets. The designs of Gatsby are of no exception to this rule. Designers and clothing brands have been influenced by the extravagant vintage 1920’s apparel. These looks include glittering drop waist dresses, bold lips, pearl pendants, decadent jewels, T-strapped shoes and crisp, tailored suits.

The roaring twenties preceded the First World War. It was a period where everyone wanted to forget their hardships and celebrate a care-free life. During an age filled with such elegance, champagne, wild parties and unforgettable lifestyles, how could one not want to reenact a night full of glitz and glamour? Gatsby glam is infectious and trendy – helping us to dazzlingly celebrate birthdays, engagements and weddings. If considering a Great Gatsby themed party, one must truly appreciate the uniqueness and intricacies we can only call “art deco.”

This particular form of art is described as over-the-top extravagance, and features elements of symmetry, bold patterns, luxury and glamour. It encompasses geometric shapes, bold black, white, and gold colors, and heavy ornamentation. The other popular representation of art deco features complex designs with highly contrasting colors and occasional floral schemes. Art deco of both styles dominated the classic roaring twenties.

From diamond cufflinks to crystal-accented feather boas, The Great Gatsby makes us crave a champagne toast over fine china, surrounded by beautiful people in extravagant clothes. Channel your inner Daisy… throw a Gatsby Bash and immerse yourself in magnificence.