Finished Ballroom: Wedding Look

Located on the second floor of the Ballroom at McKay is where your ultimate wedding celebrations will come to life. The stately room’s floor to ceiling columns stand below the historic yet dramatic vaulted ceilings. Like a blank canvas, the Ballroom can transform flawlessly to your preferences. Being four season’s versatile and as we transfer into winter, the perfect place for your intimate, yet sophisticated wintertime wedding is here.

The event space itself is 10,900 square feet with impeccable details, which portray a beautifully designed interior with full restoration. Amid the elegance of the atmosphere are the original marble walls and detailing that captivate an amusing ambiance. Then with the room darkening capabilities and advanced event lighting installation your celebration will be customary to your likings as well.

Furnishings that are included in a wedding rental comprise of 200 Mahogany Venice chairs, 20-60” round banquet tables, 30-60 x 30” banquet tables, six tall cocktail tables and a moveable wood parquet dance floor. What is also incorporated in your wedding rental is an adjustable staging section, a multi-piece custom black lacquer, mirror finish bars and floor length linens for your guest tables, and napkins, all of which are can be adjusted upon request. Additionally, the original deposit table included as well makes for a great gift table or for floral décor.

When deciding to book your wedding with the Ballroom at McKay you will also get an excellent team of service. An Event Representative will assist you with your booking and planning of your event. The Beverage Director and professionally trained Bar and Beverage Team will be sure to devise your ideal cocktails.  The Ballroom liaison and Day of Venue Coordinator will be present throughout the designated rental period to your assistance. Lastly, there is no need to fret the safety of your wedding with the provided Security Officers, which maintain an overall safe event environment.

All of these pieces to the wedding rental serve the purpose of ensuring your perfect party. When you book with the Ballroom at McKay, you are receiving one of the most unique and elegant venues in Grand Rapids, the finest host for your lavish or intimate gathering.