Drink Menus Done Right!


The Ballroom’s impeccable bar staff took some time to answer questions and provide advice, experience and thoughts on past, current and future drink menus! Continue reading for information on how to best plan for your bar menu.

1. What are some of the most frequently requested craft cocktails?

Aside from the normal “rum and coke” and “vodka cranberry’s” I am seeing a lot of the craft cocktails coming back like Old Fashions and Manhattans. Wine spritzers are big for the summer time also. You are welcome to create your own specialty cocktails too and we’ll bring in some a la carte liquor so we can create just about anything.  A recent wedding they had a specialty cocktail called The Panther that was a huge hit! It had Kinky liquor, sour apple schnapps, triple sec, and Sprite.

2. What are your favorite International Wines that the Ballroom’s Wine List offers?

Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz is one of my favorites. I feel like you can’t go wrong with fruit, fruit and more fruit with a hint of spice!

3. What does your drink menu at McKay look like—perhaps elaborate on your top items and great sellers?

We have a wide variety of liquors, beer and wine. There is an option for just about every price range and taste bud. Being located in Beer City our local beers from Founders and Brewery Vivant are very popular items!

4. What local beers and microbrews are popular at your events?

Definitely Bells Oberon is the most asked for beer. We know that we have it in for the summer! This beer is very big in the area so we had to make it available for our events! Founders Brewery is within walking distance from us so their Pale Ale and Centennial IPA are very popular as well.

5. Are there any trends in the beverage industry that you have been noticing lately, or anticipate for this coming spring/summer?

I have noticed a request for organic liquor and cocktails. I see this trend getting even bigger as more people get on board with more organic choices for food and beverage.

6. Any suggestions that you may have when deciding what types of beverages would be best for an event at the Ballroom? For example, if you have a couple discussing their options, what type of advice would you give them to plan their bar around their guests?

Choose what you like! Our list fits the space well and so anything you’d like on it would accompany the atmosphere well. Create a specialty cocktail that fits the two of you. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box a little bit and get creative.

7. What are some simple ways to ‘jazz up’ a cocktail with on-hand ingredients? For example add a component to a vodka tonic and it becomes…?

I have a list of 10 cocktails that can be made with on hand ingredients. If you chose one of those options to be served at the bar or passed as guests arrive it wouldn’t be any additional cost! Also, if you wanted a different cocktail not on the list we can bring in just the necessary bottles to make the beverage so we have a lot of flexibility of what we can serve for fun cocktails.

8. What would you say last year’s biggest trend in cocktails were? Best selling wine?

Our best-selling wine has been the Terranoble Sauvignon Blanc and the L de Lyeth Fleur de Lyeth Red Blend. The biggest trend in cocktails I have seen is the old craft cocktails coming back like the Old Fashions and Manhattans.

We thank the bar staff at the Ballroom for their guidance and suggestions for the best preparation in your drink menu design!