Celebration Trends

Every season brings forth a new batch of trends the fit just about every type of celebration. One of more prominent trends that we’ve experience this year has been small eats and out-of-the-box bars. Whether it’s at each table, passed as hors devours, set at a station for quick-grabbing purposes or a sweetly-packaged take-away, it’s being seen everywhere! Not only do these trends keep your guests excited, but they also encourage a new interaction level, rather than that of a plated meal. Beginning our featured trend list is the light staple treat: Popcorn!

One cannot deny that there is something about the quintessential American snack that seems to please no matter the occasion. Whether it’s sharp white cheddar, dark chocolate kettle corn or the classic butter popcorn, you can top it all off with some gourmet toppings and seasonings, letting your guests create their own concoctions. Then as for complimenting your perfect popcorn flavors, selecting some wines to serve with is just the cherry on top. If you wish to serve caramel corn, Prosecco and sparkling wine alongside ties in with theme that sweets pair best with other sweets. The same notion goes for savory popcorn tastes; such as sharp cheddar goes perfectly with a spicy Zinfandel or Merlot, and so forth.

PopCornPhotos courtesy of Indulgy

Next up on our list is the ever-delicious small eats. Strolling hors d’oeuvres have become increasingly popular with weddings and other events. It gives the opportunity to keep your guests mingling, as well as enable each tasty bite to be experienced without quickly filling up on a plated meal. Strolling hors d’oeuvres is a great option for any type of event and would even suite our next featured trend – the specialized drink bar!

horsdevoursPhotos courtesy of the Ballroom’s Grand Opening

Bring up the Bubbly! A sweeping trend is the Champagne bar. Suiting most every event theme, the Champagne bar allows guests the sip from favorites of the hosts. Subtle pairings can be suggested for guests if paired with hors d’oeuvres for the best tasting experience possible! Finally, we’re featuring everyone’s cold weather favorite – Hot Chocolate! These up-and-coming bars have made its way into the spotlight for winter weddings and events alike. Pleasing to all ages, the Hot Chocolate bar is a throw back to everyone’s favorite cold-weather beverage and is sure to please your guests!

bubblyPhoto courtesy of 100 Layer Cake

Keep these trends in mind when planning your next event and keep an eye on the horizon for up and coming trends of the new seasons!