Ballroom Thrills & Chills

Halloween is a monumental time of the year, marking the first of many holidays to come. This particular holiday brings back memories from our childhood, dressing up, being someone or something you wish to be for one unforgettable evening of fun. This year it’s your turn to participate in the annual festive tradition and host a spooktacular party for all of your family and friends!


From the enchanting chandeliers and the advanced lighting scheme to the stately columns, the Ballroom at McKay is the prime place to host your Halloween celebration. As for your key party planning factors, the décor is especially important to focus on when it comes to this Halloween gathering, as it sets the event’s scene and feel. To accentuate the true spirit of the holiday you want your party to feel as “spooky” as possible. Decorations are more efficient and less expensive if you craft them yourself. Currently, popular crafting trends originate from the well-known DIY and Pinterest websites.


Creating an environment that sets the mood of a spooky event is half the fun as well. With music being such an instrumental part of any gathering in particular, Halloween has no exception. Thanks to the continual advancement of technology we are capable of downloading music apps right to our cellular devices. These apps such as Pandora and iTunes Radio provide selected stations per se, “Halloween Party” and “Halloween Radio”, which deliver instantaneous playlists, with hundreds of Halloween inspired tunes, sure to stimulate the spooky spirits for the night.

The renowned track Thriller, by Michael Jackson, is just one of the many classic Halloween beats that will surely have your guests dancing their night away. So pull out your creative-cap and costumes because a haunting celebration filled with creepy cocktails, scary skeletons, and wicked witches awaits you. Be sure to book the Ballroom at McKay to guarantee a spooky setup for your ultimate Halloween bash.

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Photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty