ArtPrize 2013 Winner: ‘Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore’

From sky-scraping sculptures to intricate paintings, mesmerizing mosaics to elaborate woodcarvings, ArtPrize has left its avid viewers inspired.  Over the past nineteen days, the city of Grand Rapids has been welcoming people from all over the world to glimpse and immerse themselves into the minds of the artists, admiring their talent and passionate dedication. Voting for the best piece of art overall has been left into the viewers hands.

On October 4th, the much-anticipated top three finalists were finally announced at the DeVos Center. Each of the top three were awarded a sum of money as a certification of gratification.  The third place finalist was declared as the artist of “UPLifting”, Andy Sacksteder, of Port Clinton, Ohio. This eight-feet tall bronze sculpture is of a man elevating a woman in a movement of dance where they are “in” and “of” the water. These two dancers are celebrating the water that sustains and nurtures plants, animals and humans. The piece is significant in the sense that it captures a breathtaking moment of fluidity and tranquility of earth’s liquid flowing among their bare bodies.

In second-place public vote winner is Anni Crouter of Flint, Michigan. Anni’s artistic pieces are a collaboration of three separate paintings titled “Polar Expressed”. These three polar bear paintings are four-feet high and seven-feet long acrylics on canvases. She wanted to create something that would resonate with the audience of ArtPrize, especially the children. In a world so consumed with technology, Anni hoped that the children would be inspired and ponder about the environment and the vastness of nature instead. Previous to her seven months of painting these pieces, she pulled her creation from pictures of polar bears at the Toledo Zoo. That stimulated her second-place astounding paintings that would make any mesmerized viewer want to book a trip to the Arctic pole to observe these endearing bears.

Lastly, first place finalist of ArtPrize 2013 would be none other than Ann Loveless of Frankfort, Michigan! Her four individual panel quilt titled “Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore” is a landscape of the Lake Michigan shoreline. Ann’s intricate panoramic quilt features her unique depiction of nature’s finest coastline and is well deserved as top place. Her sunset scene captures glistening-glass water, breeze-blowing dune grass, the infamous Sleeping Bear Dunes, and a rainbow tinted sky. Many viewers found themselves immersed in this captivating piece because of the vivid colors and warm textures. The collage incorporates traditional cotton, batik fabrics, and fibers including linen, silk, yarns, polyester netting and angelina.

The twenty-feet wide and five-feet tall vibrant quilt won the hearts of the ArtPrize lovers, but it is essential to note that the event as a whole was a satisfactory accomplishment for the artists involved and the city of Grand Rapids. From tots cruising in their strollers to school buses unloading with eager students, grandparents voyaging around the city to girlfriends reuniting for a night on the town, ArtPrize has once again developed a unforgettable occurrence for all. Let the art continue to inspire and the countdown begin for this annual event to grace our city again in one year’s time.


Photos courtesy of mLive


Photo courtesy of ArtPrize


Photo courtesy of ArtPrize