Tis’ the season of cashmere sweaters, Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes, and the city of Grand Rapids hosting the world’s largest annual art competition – ArtPrize! This renowned art contest began nearly four years ago as an experiment. New to the world, Grand Rapids created an event unlike any before. The city took a unique angle on art competitions and allowed the opinions of the artist’s observers to declare the most prized piece over all. ArtPrize is simply a platform for creation and an adventurous nineteen days, with artists from all over the world that bring exceptional pieces to the table.

Although art is the foremost focus of the competition, the community is the main reason it thrives. A sense of community is derived as people throughout the nation come together to collaborate reflections and amusement from the inspirational pieces of art that leave them in constant astonishment. While in the city of Grand Rapids enjoying all that ArtPrize has to offer, it would be essential to celebrate such a unique art experience with your community, right in the heart of the action.

The Ballroom at McKay is the most prime and sublime place to have a party, being the crown jewel of the remarkable McKay Tower, located in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids. This event space is accessibly located on the second floor and overlooks the lively downtown in the midst of all the ArtPrize action. If you need a place to host your art-influenced party, but do not want to wander far from the amusing art exhibits, look no further than West Michigan’s most elegant space, perfect for any occasion!


Photo courtesy of Brian Kelly Photography