The Caterers: Applause Catering


On today’s blog we’re featuring Applause Catering! Founded in 1989, Applause has incredible experience under their belts with catering all types of events, and delicious recipes to match!

What is most important to you as a caterer?

What is most important to Applause as a caterer is top notch customer service from the event designers to the service and culinary staff, we strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations at every turn.  From the initial event planning sessions to executing the events with our experienced event managers, service and culinary teams we want each and every guest at our events to have a memorable experience from the venue ambiance, the friendly and helpful staff to the exceptional food.

Do your dishes and recipes vary per season, and if yes, how so?

Yes, our dishes do vary per season.  We certainly try to source as much local food as possible for our menus.  And always offer advice to clients on when certain fresh items are at their peak (are in season).

What would you say is your best:

Some of our best (signature) appetizers are our Pita Feta Crisps, Avocado Egg Rolls, Sugar Glazed Bacon wrapped Water Chestnuts and our Cherry Pork Tenderloin Crostini.  The items I just listed are all handmade piece items from our seasoned culinary team.  From a presentation and taste standpoint, our La Grande Display is a WOW for any event!  An assortment of gourmet meats and cheeses, chef salads, olives, artichoke hearts, dried fruits including dates and figs all cascading attractively on a table accented with fresh fruits, vegetables and hearty breads.

Some of our stand outs include Applause Stuffed Chicken Portofino, Chicken Caprese, Cabernet Tenderloin Medallions, Maple Glazed Salmon and our Roasted Red Pepper Rigatoni.

Our desserts are all created by our in-house pastry chef.  From mini desserts to full size cakes and tortes she creates exceptional desserts.  Our Applause Signature Chocolate Truffles are always a hit.  In addition, our chef-attended dessert stations such as Berries Jubilee, Flaming Apple Pie and Bananas Foster are always a crowd pleaser.

What is your most popular selection for:

Corporate Events: Duo plate of Cabernet Tenderloin Medallions & Chicken Caprese.  We also specialize in custom menus for a lot of our corporate clients, recently we paired a Rosemary Grilled Lamb Chop with our Chicken Caprese, it was delicious!

Weddings: A lot of our weddings prefer a plated meal over buffet.  They also like to offer choices to their guests, some of the favorites are:  Champagne Chicken, Chicken Monterey, Cabernet Tenderloin Medallions, Maple Glazed Salmon.

What is your best advice for couples planning their wedding menus?

Talk over menus ideas as a couple and try to determine what menu style of service you want for your reception.  Are you looking for a more formal plated dinner, a casual buffet or maybe even food stations for a more mingling, strolling feel to your event?  That will really help you to narrow down menu selections and budget.  Tastings with the caterer are very helpful in determining your final menu as well.

Do you find that most Corporate Events request heavy appetizers, entrees or both?

Most of our corporate events want some type of appetizer, many times it is passed canapés during the cocktail hour and then move into dinner, usually plated, a duo plate most often and then of course dessert to follow.  Some corporate events will opt for heavy hors d’oeuvre in place of dinner.  Usually then several stations are set-up throughout the event space for mingling, strolling and heavy hors d’oeuvre.

Could you describe a situation where one of your entrees has been significantly altered for a client (and resulted in the best success):

We do alter entrees on a regular basis for clients.  In this day and age we are dealing with a lot of different food allergies and menu different styles of eating – Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.  We are always willing to work with a client to modify for them a menu to best fit their particular needs.





Photos courtesy of Applause Catering

We can’t wait for our next Event with Applause, as it’s always a guaranteed delicious meal with incredible service! Consider Applause Catering for your next event!